Uniting passionate, angelic vocals with powerfully fitting and moving soundscapes, The Spirits of Christmas CD creates an atmosphere of holiday music, that has both dignity and meaning.  It’s instruments are full of dark and light emotion, majesty, mystery and spirit, which help evoke love, pain and imagination that comes with the Christmas season.  The Spirits of Christmas brings music that is both haunting and beautiful, making it a perfect Christmas piece to combine the elements of Christmas past with present.  It’s solemn and spirited originality creates the perfect background music to a cozy candlelit room full of the love and spirit of Christmas.

The Spirits of Christmas is a contemporary Christmas CD with a few traditional sounds. The concept behind this Christmas CD is slightly different. Many artist take their favorite Christmas songs as a child and record them their own way. This Breaking 12 CD takes you on a deeper journey of life love and the holidays.

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