Breaking 12 is a power pop/alternative rock writing duo from the Baltimore area. This power writing duo Aileen Stauffer and Ron Valenzia, use their influences from the edgy sounds of 80's & 90's and todays pop & rock influences. This “roll your windows down and cruise” kind of music will take you on a fun and introspective journey and take you away from the mundane.  Breaking 12 currently has one full length self titled CD with 12 cuts and since have released 3 new singles Hail to the Queen, Fly Away and Back of the Room. Hail to the Queen is a down and dirty classic rock sound with influences from todays music as well.  Fly Away, is a total “breakaway from the 9 to 5” pop song with a positive and fun sing along chorus.  Back of the Room is an orchestral rock song with a powerful piano performance along with the edgy voice of Mrs. Stauffer.   
Aileen and Ron meet as teachers back in 2004 and quickly discovered their bond as song writers.  Aileen had been writing for many years while Ron was touring the east coast in various rock and pop groups. After writing many songs in the early 2000’s, Ron went on tour with a 80's tribute band until he reunited with Aileen and finished their first CD in 2014.  Since their release, they have been writing new original material and making videos for previous cuts.  

The future looks bright for Breaking 12 as they have the musicians in place to do special festival and opening performances.  Currently they are currently working several new original songs for TV and Movie placements.

“Our original goal is to write, publish, and license our music for media placement.” “I can certainly see us putting a small tour together but after 30 years on the road, I’m ready for special performances and writing.” - Valenzia

Later this year Ron will be releasing his first solo CD comprised of original made for TV anthem style instrumentals and a few vocal rock tunes.  

Aileen Stauffer - Lyrics and Vocals

Aileen Stauffer hails from Baltimore, MD and currently resides there today. She has always had a love of music and singing (not just in the shower) and has been writing and recording for over ten years. Aileen has completed voice over recordings for promotional DVDs, has written and performed songs for special events and people, and has even received awards for lyrics she has written.   Aileen's musical styles are very diverse and she gives each original song it's own personality.  Her diverse style, original lyrics and powerful voice are also evident in the variety of songs she has written on the Breaking 12 CD, from Hero and All These Years to Of Breakable Things, Breaking Midnight and Everytime. Her most influential group throughout the years comes from the band Heart.  She never stops creating and never fails to find inspiration in every place and situation.     

Ron Valenzia - Keyboards, guitars, drums and arranging

Ron has been a professional musician since the age of 17. He has performed in many area bands on Drums, Guitar and Keyboards. Most notable, One Louder (Keys/Guitar), The Great Train Robbery (Drums), and Letter-Box (Writer and instrumentalist). Letter-Box was an all original project led by Ron that produced a CD (Miracle in Disguise). Several other area musicians took part in the project and the CD can be found on CD Baby.  
Currently Ron and Aileen formed Breaking 12 as a writing project and showcase performing group.  The release is set for March 28!  This full length CD features 12 original tracks. 



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