The music on this CD is a culmination on music written together over the last 12 years.  There is a wide variety on musical styles on this CD.  The CD leads off with a high-energy positive charged rock song (Every Time) that resonates a current sound with some 80’s style influences.  Breaking Midnight, the second track is an upbeat alternative sounding rock sounding song with intriguing lyrics.  Aileen’s lyric writing has a personal feel yet crafty way to present thoughts and emotions of their songs.  Of Breakable Things is a song based on a novel by a friend with the same title.  This mysterious song with a heavy almost Goth style sound, features lyrics that capture the essences of the book without giving anything away.  To change things up completely, Breaking 12 has If Walls Could Talk as the CD closer.  This track is vastly different from all the other tracks by having a Nora Jones influenced sound.  Jazzy with a little pop change here and there.  Over all, the CD will have something for everybody.  Please of “feel good” songs “heavy hitters”, and a current sounding rock anthem complete with two high power ballads.



2015-04-04 15:45:30 - Sue
Just purchased the CD and I really like it! It has many upbeat songs as well as slow love ballads. I really like the first two songs, number 4 and number 12. Fantastic buy and all around great CD!
2015-04-02 08:26:51 - Jane
This CD is hands down and all around a great CD! I think the songs are very catchy and the different songs leave something for everyone to connect to and enjoy. I'm glad I purchased this CD and I absolutely love it! I wish you the best in future sales.
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