We are back in the studio again!

Warning- deep and thoughtful psychoanalysis ahead!!! LOL.

I find it sad to witness people/friends cling with all their might to something or someone that is bad for them and makes them unhappy in many ways. (Or doesn't love you back) Although this something or someone makes them hurt and feel less than worthy every day, they will hold on for fear of change and of the fear that things will not be better then it is.

 Singing in front of a group is nothing new, and you think we would be used to what we sound like, but playing live and then actually hearing yourself and the music you've created being broadcasted over the speakers throughout a popular venue for the first time is a totally different experience!  It sounds so weird at first and mind blowing to hear your songs over the loud speakers.  

You get this feeling of being nervous and anxious at the same time and then it becomes a moment of pure awesomeness!  Especially when the reactions from friends and even strangers at the venue are those that felt as if our songs sounded as if they were actually being played on the radio.  (you overhear strangers asking...who sings this song?...I've never heard this before and I really like it!)  

It's the best sound and feeling in the world and I am so proud and happy to reply and say...that's Ron and I...it's Breaking 12...we did that!   

So I say thank you to all of those that have given us that amazing feeling and a BIG Thanks to all who came out and helped to celebrate the release of our CD at the Diamondback Tavern and to those who have supported us so far with purchasing the CD!  We can't thank you enough and are glad you enjoy the songs!    

People always ask me how I become inspired to write, and write with convincing emotion.  I guess I could never really pinpoint one thing that inspires me when writing lyrics.  My inspirations come from many different situations, places, sounds, sights, people, experiences, emotions etc...  But once inspired, my emotions take over and my thoughts and words haunt me until I make them come alive and project them into my writing.  Each different inspiration brings about different emotions in myself and therefore gives each song, especially on the Breakign 12 CD, it's own little personality.  Each is based on a different facet of how I was inspired.  

For example, the song "Of Breakable Things" on this CD was written in 10 min after being taken back and captivated by the storyline and cover of a book called "Of Breakable Things" (written by one of my very good friends and newly published, but extemely talented, young adult author A. Lynden Rolland.)  As soon as I saw the cover of this book and read the story summary details, I was immediately overcome with first, chills, and then with emotions, thoughts and words in my head that I desperately and immediately needed to write down.  After that initial reaction, I then read the entire book and now can't wait to see and read the next 2 in the series for more inspiration!  

If you get a chance, you should look up, buy and read this book, and when you do, I'm sure you will have the same reaction that I did! Even better, I challenge you to blog back your feedback of what you think and if it inspired you in any way?  Then, make sure you buy the Breaking 12 CD or the song Of Breakable Things and see if what I wrote in my lyrics matches what you expected and imagined the song to be?  I'd also love to hear about any other things that inspire you?  Enjoy!    

The music on this CD is a culmination on music written together over the last 12 years.  There is a wide variety on musical styles on this CD.  The CD leads off with a high-energy positive charged rock song (Every Time) that resonates a current sound with some 80’s style influences.  Breaking Midnight, the second track is an upbeat alternative sounding rock sounding song with intriguing lyrics.  Aileen’s lyric writing has a personal feel yet crafty way to present thoughts and emotions of their songs.  Of Breakable Things is a song based on a novel by a friend with the same title.  This mysterious song with a heavy almost Goth style sound, features lyrics that capture the essences of the book without giving anything away.  To change things up completely, Breaking 12 has If Walls Could Talk as the CD closer.  This track is vastly different from all the other tracks by having a Nora Jones influenced sound.  Jazzy with a little pop change here and there.  Over all, the CD will have something for everybody.  Please of “feel good” songs “heavy hitters”, and a current sounding rock anthem complete with two high power ballads.


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