The Spirits of Christmas is a contemporary Christmas CD with a few traditional sounds. The concept behind this Christmas CD is slightly different. Many artist take their favorite Christmas songs as a child and record them their own way. This Breaking 12 CD takes you on a deeper journey of life love and the holidays.

There are many reasons people love Christmas. Some love the family gatherings and snow. Some like to remember and cherish the past and all friends and family that are not with them. In some ways, it can make you feel closer to the loved ones that are not with you during the holidays. The Spirits of Christmas CD by Breaking 12 is a combination of both. The bright uptempo rock sound keeps us moving through the holidays and makes shopping, cooking, and sharing a bit more fun. If you love to give, them you will enjoy shopping too.  This CD also offered a deep and retrospective look back our past holidays and the special moments that make them great. Remembering those that are not with you is be a way to celebrate your love of fondness for them. Whether they are stationed miles away and can’t get home or are loved ones that are no longer with you. Keep their spirit alive with fond memories and stories. So gather the family around and bring the Spirits of loved ones home for the holidays.

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