Breaking 12 CD download - 12 song CD of original music

Rock out with the fresh new sound of Breaking 12.  This CD will take you on a journey of life, love and rock n roll.  Don't conform to what record companies and radio stations want you to hear!  Take a journey to quality music and spread the word to support your local area independent original artist. 


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Hail to the Queen - (Single)

This modern rock anthem has a touch of current alternative and a classic rock sound.HAIL_TO_THE_QUEEN-Breaking_12.mp3

Fly Away - (Single)

This is a getaway from the cold and soak in the sun type of song.

Fly Away (Acoustic) - Unreleased single

This is a "unplugged" version to Fly Away that has not been officially released.   


Back of the Room - (Single)

 This new release is a symphonic pop rock original song that is very different from our previous releases. Back_of_the_Room_Fnal_Mix_7_14.mp3

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