The Spirits of Christmas 

The Spirits of Christmas is a contemporary Christmas CD with a few traditional sounds. The concept behind this Christmas CD is slightly different. Many artist take their favorite Christmas songs as a child and record them their own way. This Breaking 12 CD takes you on a deeper journey of life love and the holidays.

There are many reasons people love Christmas. Some love the family gatherings and snow. Some like to remember and cherish the past and all friends and family that are not with them. In some…

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New single coming soon! 

On JULY 1, 2016 is the target date for a brand new single by Breaking 12.  The single "Fly Away" is a perfect summertime rock feelgood song to take you away from the office and will fit perfectly with your plans to go to the beach or wherever!  Sign up on our email list to be the first to be able to download the new song.

Back At It! 

We're back at it in the studio again today!  We're prepping and finalizing some summer songs and getting ready for professional studio time in Florida.  Keep a look out for our two single song releases this summer (Back of The Room and Fly Away) You can also take the journey with us as we will be posting links of unedited videos and live feeds of our recording sessions and creative  experiences!  You will see first hand video of our creative processes, including our many mistakes and goofy behavior…

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Breaking 12 news from Ron 

Hi all.  I hope you like our latest release "Hail to the Queen."  This was a great song from Aileen and I to put together and it was my first attempt to record and produce from beginning to end.  All guitar parts for "Hail..." were recorded by a dear friend Pete Ilenda. He is an amazing guitarist and we are lucky to have him recording with us.  Pete and I met back in the mid 80's in a local collage Jazz Band.  Yes Jazz!  Even though we played Jazz we always tried to set aside time to rock out!  To me, his…

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Breaking 12 supports local charity! 

Tis the season when Christmas is near & Breaking 12 wants to spread some cheer!!!
We are taking the sales of our latest CD in December and donating the profits to a local charity! (to be announced shortly)
The full CD is only $9.99 on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. So support a great cause and get some great music.

Breaking 12 would like to thank you in advance for your support and we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!


Hi all!  We are back and at it again.  We've been writing over the last few months and are now going into the finishing stages or recording for a few of our new songs.  We have decided, for now, to release the next few songs as singles.  We might add it to our complete collection at some point but our first step is to make the best quality songs and recordings and get them out there to you!  Look for a new single to be released in January. 

Please sign up on our email list for the latest and special…

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All about Faith 

Warning- deep and thoughtful psychoanalysis ahead!!! LOL.

I find it sad to witness people/friends cling with all their might to something or someone that is bad for them and makes them unhappy in many ways. (Or doesn't love you back) Although this something or someone makes them hurt and feel less than worthy every day, they will hold on for fear of change and of the fear that things will not be better then it is.
If you really look around you, you will find that through each tough time awaits…

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Thank You! 

 Singing in front of a group is nothing new, and you think we would be used to what we sound like, but playing live and then actually hearing yourself and the music you've created being broadcasted over the speakers throughout a popular venue for the first time is a totally different experience!  It sounds so weird at first and mind blowing to hear your songs over the loud speakers.  

You get this feeling of being nervous and anxious at the same time and then it becomes a moment of pure awesomeness…

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People always ask me how I become inspired to write, and write with convincing emotion.  I guess I could never really pinpoint one thing that inspires me when writing lyrics.  My inspirations come from many different situations, places, sounds, sights, people, experiences, emotions etc...  But once inspired, my emotions take over and my thoughts and words haunt me until I make them come alive and project them into my writing.  Each different inspiration brings about different emotions in myself and…

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About the upcoming Breaking 12 CD 

The music on this CD is a culmination on music written together over the last 12 years.  There is a wide variety on musical styles on this CD.  The CD leads off with a high-energy positive charged rock song (Every Time) that resonates a current sound with some 80’s style influences.  Breaking Midnight, the second track is an upbeat alternative sounding rock sounding song with intriguing lyrics.  Aileen’s lyric writing has a personal feel yet crafty way to present thoughts and emotions of their songs.  Of…

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