All about Faith

Warning- deep and thoughtful psychoanalysis ahead!!! LOL.

I find it sad to witness people/friends cling with all their might to something or someone that is bad for them and makes them unhappy in many ways. (Or doesn't love you back) Although this something or someone makes them hurt and feel less than worthy every day, they will hold on for fear of change and of the fear that things will not be better then it is.
If you really look around you, you will find that through each tough time awaits happiness/peace with new opportunities. Sometimes you have to have FAITH that things will actually be better on the other side of this temporary misery that you are in. Yes IT's ALL TEMPORARY! It ALL goes away. Just ask all those who lived in the 1800's and before. ;)
"My angel, my all, my very self" - L.V.B. Though his heart was heavy with loss, he continued to find his happiness through music and though he eventually became deaf, he still continued to share his gift. This is faith and perseverance through acceptance. "It's not what happens to you, but how you respond that makes all the difference."
Learn to live and love those who love you. Prune those that make you feel bad or less worthy. Accept what you can NOT change. And NO you can't change other people. If you find yourself trying to change someone to make things work, you may have some "control" issues. Seek real therapy and learn how to let go of things that are bad for you. True love is something that comes back to you WITHOUT force.
It was these thoughts that inspired the song Faith on the Breaking 12 CD.
Check out 'Faith (Ciip)' by Breaking 12

PS.  If there is abuse involved, you will need support, inner strength and Faith. 

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