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Hi all.  I hope you like our latest release "Hail to the Queen."  This was a great song from Aileen and I to put together and it was my first attempt to record and produce from beginning to end.  All guitar parts for "Hail..." were recorded by a dear friend Pete Ilenda. He is an amazing guitarist and we are lucky to have him recording with us.  Pete and I met back in the mid 80's in a local collage Jazz Band.  Yes Jazz!  Even though we played Jazz we always tried to set aside time to rock out!  To me, his guitar playing is very "Eddie" like. (I hope I don't have to explain who Eddie is)  Pete has a bunch of his own originals and they are fantastic! I am hoping that he will release some of his stuff in the near future. 

The next step.

Aileen has still been writing and we are almost finished a 2nd single for 2016.  We are working of branching out to news styles of music.  We have a few country songs and a Vanessa Carlton type of song in the works.

I have been working on a few songs on my own as well as remastering a CD that I recorded about in 1996.  Many of these songs still sound relevant to today's standards thanks to the co-writing of Kurt Froberg and recording of Frank Starchak (Deltona Records)

I will be heading to the warmer climate in Deltona Fla to finish up a couple of songs with Frank in just a few weeks.  One of the songs will have a guest vocalist and will be accompanied by a YouTube video.  I am hoping to release the Video and Song before this summer.   

The great thing that Aileen and I are thankful for is that everyone we work with is first a friend and very talented.  Kurt Froberg is one of the most amazing pianist/songwriters in the area.  The dude is the REAL DEAL!  He and I played a stint with the Baltimore based classic rock band The Great Train Robbery.  He and I were instant friends as we lived on the road playing 32 shows in 30 days.  We played NJ to Key West Fla.  It was the "real road life."  Not the MTV version.  It was the real thing.  After GTR, Kurt and I put together a CD with Vocalist Mary Croom.  She resides in Florida and also helped with the Breaking 12 CD as well.  Keep an eye out for the remastered CD due later this year.    

That's all for now but please write us and let us know what you think of the new tune "Hail to the Queen" and check us out on Face Book. 


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