Dashiells and Valenzia meet in the band One Louder about 10 years ago. Both Dash and Ron left the group to pursue writing and releasing original music. As the front man of the group, Dash has traveled a long and winding road back to his roots of writing and recording music. Ron has been writing with Aileen Stauffer as Breaking 12 over the last 3 years. Dashiells and Valenzia have written a hand full of songs together but "Loved Ones" took a priority to finish and release to the public. Loved Ones is a deep anthem-like country/rock tune about the families of law enforcement and the risks taken buy them. (Please see Dash's BIO below for more details)

Their earlier music was written as part of the 80's tribe "Hair" band One Louder. In 2010 they were offered a rare opportunity to open for the hall of fame rock group Foreigner. This prompted for the band to put more time into writing and recording.  Better Home (Valenzia/Dashiells) and The Truth (Dashiells) were 2 of the originals played in front of a sell out crowd at the Bayside Concert Pavilion in southern Maryland.  Since then, Dash and Ron opened for Brett Michael's (lead singer of Poison), Funny Money (lead singer of Kix) and the Smithereens.  

(Set up at the Bayside Concert Pavilion Featuring Foreigner)


2 years after departing from the band, Dashiells and Valenzia are collaborating on several songs including finishing the earlier music. For now, you can find their first release on any music download and streaming service including iTunes/apple music (Link below) https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/loved-ones-single/id1117211979             

Dash Bio

When boys grow up, they take on personalities normally portrayed by the people that are most important in their life. My Dad was a 38 year veteran of the Maryland State Police and a proud WWII veteran. He instilled pride and courage in me and taught me how to live life never quitting on dreams and hope. The never ending “practice makes perfect” conversation in our house made me nuts as a kid but created the person I am today.

I started playing drums when I was 7 years old and went on to play guitar and sing. I was playing in bands at the early age of 11years old and realized that being a musician was all I thought about. The idea of playing music live in front of an audience was just a natural and easy thing for me to do night after night. But being just “another face in the crowd” never sat right for me. So when others were out having fun, I was in living the “practice makes perfect” life. And eventually it paid off. I have travelled all over the country playing music and I’ve been fortunate enough to share the National stage with bands such as Foreigner, Bret Michaels, The Smithereens, and LA Guns. How cool is that!!!

Now as a singer/song writer, I have faced disappointment, heartbreaking loss, and challenges that others would have turn away from. The writer’s block and constant frustration that all musicians feel and experience while making music will always be a part of the process. But never losing sight of the creative process and always seeing the big picture, drives me to that place that I can honestly say I’m proud of.



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