Welcome to Breaking 12!  Thank you for visiting our site and checking out our all original music.  Breaking 12 has been writing and creating music for over 13 years and are back at it again; working tirelessly this summer in the studio on several NEW songs and side projects.  Click on some of our tabs to check out what we've been up to and look out for our NEW songs to be published in the next month or two.  Fitting with all of our other material, these NEW songs will have an edgy, rock-pop/alternative sound, which I'm sure will catch your ear!  We have also published a few "Back of the Tracks" podcasts, that review some of our previous work.  We talk about the inspirations behind the song lyrics and mood of the music, the process we use to put our ideas and lyrics to music, and simply answer interesting questions about what we do best.  We also laugh a lot! Please also remember to stay in the loop!  Join our emailing list, like our facebook page and keep on watching our youtube videos and rocking out to our music on the many digital venues.  Your support is much appreciated!  We also love to hear your feedback, read your comments, and answer your questions, so drop us a review or leave us a message/comment about what you think of our work.  In the meantime, keep on rocking and we hope you enjoy!              

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